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SoulmatesSoulmates. Isn’t that what everyone is looking for?

We all want that special someone who we know we are destined to find, destined to be with and destined to fulfill our purpose in the World.

The New Message on relationships and higher purpose addresses this issue very well. However, the answer to the questions, “Who is my soulmate” and “How can I find my soulmates,” may surprise you.

If you are already married, or in a committed relationship, it is natural to believe that you already have found one of your soulmates. Here, you must be careful and reserve judgement.

If you are still looking for your soulmate, your task may be easier. You are not as burdened as someone who is married or already in a relationship.

Marriage is not a sure-fire way to find our soulmates, unfortunately. People all too often get married for social status, wealth or for religious & political reasons.

When individuals in a marriage start to look honestly at who they are married to in relation to their true desires in life, they will start to question why they are in the marriage.

The New Message on Relationships and Higher Purpose assures us that this is natural, even healthy:

“Marriage in the first stage has very little foundation and is generally threatened by the emergence of the truth and real honesty, which together usually reveal all that is genuinely lacking in the relationship.” – Relationships and Higher Purpose, p. 64

For us to find and keep soulmates, shouldn’t we know our own soul first? How can we find a match for our soul if we don’t know what we’re trying to match to? And this is the dilemma that most people in the world face: how can we possibly be in a fruitful, life-supporting relationship without knowing our own soul, our true purpose, our true past and our true destiny?

In order to even be in a position to recognize our soulmates, we need to be living a life that is attuned to our soul’s true desires, true purpose and true directions.

Steps to Knowledge

Thus, the real quest for a soulmate begins with the quest for Knowledge – knowing who you are, why you are here, what you need to do in this life and who you must be with to accomplish your goals.

Knowledge is the most valuable asset you possess for it contains the keys to your destiny and to who you need to be in relationship with. Marshall Vian Summers, the Messenger for Relationships and Higher Purpose wrote:

“Many people ask, ‘When will I meet my soulmate, my true partner?’ How can I respond except by leading you into this deeper inclination for Knowledge. That is the only foundation for true relationship. This relationship will not die with the body. It will not age with your personality. It will be as youthful and vital in your old age as it is now. It is

not based upon your experience in the world. It is based upon your experience before coming into the world, which is directly related to what you will encounter when you leave here.” – Wisdom from the Greater Community, Volume I, p. 118

Begin your quest for soulmates by taking the Steps to Knowledge.

Finding and Keeping Soulmates

Finding our soulmates is a very challenging process and it must be done with great care and effort.

The New Message says that you must know who you are before you can find a soulmate.

This is why it is very challenging because you have to start by being honest with yourself, know who you are and what you want to do with your Life.

Once you know who you are and what your purpose is,  you can start to see who is out there that can compliment you in your life.

Chose your engagements carefully, enter into them slowly and allow Knowledge, as opposed to your ambition, guide your actions. You lose nothing by moving slowly; you risk everything by moving quickly.  if you cannot allow yourself to move slowly, you have good cause to distrust your motives.

The choices cannot be done out of fear or looking for security or with desperation.

The New Message also says that you cannot choose Soulmates who do not match up with your life’s goals. Do not and think that you will be able to change that other person with your help. This is a very big mistake and you will fail in this attempt.

Your main goal is to find people that will compliment you. Soulmates must be people that you can work with and who compliment your life goals.   The only person you can help is yourself and you cannot be wasting your time trying to fix the other person.

The New Message says that what you can do together determines the nature and purpose of your life. If you have nothing in common with a person, you cannot be together and that person cannot be one of your Soulmates.

If a Soulmate cannot work well with you and you have nothing in common, you will not be happy and you will have wasted much of your time and energy.  You will have lost precious time.

This is why this takes time and this is why the New Message says that we must move slowly and be very careful in finding Soulmates.

When you are with a person who is a Soulmate, you will feel that you are living the life you should be living.  This is why the New Message says that in order to find Soulmates you need to know if you share the values in regards to religion, money, work and where to live.

The New Message says that Soulmates are extremely important and this is not something that we do lightly and therefore it is very important for us to be with Knowledge.

Knowledge is the only way for us to know how to make the right choices.

Begin your quest for Soulmates by taking the Steps to Knowledge.

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2 thoughts on “Soulmates

  1. Sometimes I happen to be able to see a being behind a physical body, i.e. a friend. I can see this huge wise being, and I think that this is the real person behind my friend, not this apparently pathetic individual who looks only for weaknesses in others and themselves. But it is always the choice of the individual to associate with this wise being or the unsatisfied ego.

  2. Yes Asta! It is so important to connect with the person’s “soul” instead of the ego. The ego mainly exists to protect the body, yet the soul beneath the surface of the mind really exists to express and really experience the divinity out of which it was created eons ago. It is important in my relationships that I focus on how important it is to choose to connect with the very deep Wisdom residing in all people instead of the protection mechanisms that really only exist at the surface of a person’s finite mind. This makes all the difference in my relationships with workmates, classmates and flatmates. What’s more, I bless you and thank you for expressing your Wisdom here, Asta. May we all embark on the soul’s journey back to Divine Life.

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